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Obscure As Ever – Charlotte Woodland

Obscure As Ever, the sequel to Obscure Felicity, was an adventure like no other. Fashion, science, drug busts, love, murder, bar fights, Higher Intelligence, and a cat – this book will keep you guessing from one page to the next. With Charlotte Woodland’s paradoxical twists and turns, you’ll never want to put the book down.

The story starts with our main protagonist, Brenda, finding a cat. This cat spirals her into a gripping love that somehow ends her up in the middle of a detective investigation. Coincidence after coincidence (or maybe fate) leads so many different characters together wrapped into one wild story. The way each of these characters develop throughout the story makes you look inside yourself and ask, “how would the universe help me?”

If you’re interested in supporting an Arizona local author, and reading an exciting and fresh book, I highly recommend picking up your own copy of Obscure As Ever, and of course, the first book, Obscure Felicity.

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