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Low Thyroid Diet

Foods to Eat:   CATEGORY FOODS TO EAT NOTES VEGETABLES Alfalfa Artichokes Avocado Beets Bell Peppers Carrots Celery Cucumber Leeks Mushrooms Okra Peppers Potatoes Sea Vegetables Squash Pumpkin Tomatoes Zucchini Avocado and potatoes are great source of tyrosine – hypothyroidism has been linked to low levels of this amino acid. Artichokes double up as a… Read More Low Thyroid Diet

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Bulletproof Tea

After watching commercials on Bulletproof coffee and Tim Ferris’s version with tea, we decided to give it a try and experiment with different ingredients. I wasn’t sure what adding butter to tea would taste like, I was pleasantly surprised. TEA: 3/4 cup – Hot Water 1 tsp – Ghee Butter with Himalayan salt or Grass… Read More Bulletproof Tea