Morning Vitamins

Capsules Name Dose Brand NOTES:
1 DHEA 25mg Life Extension Hormone- needed for all functions, immunity, heart, mood, weight, muscle, libito
1 GTF Chromium 200mcg Solaray Regulates blood sugar levels, Metabolism
1 Gamma E Life Extension Works with Selenium for Thyroid
1 Selenium 200mcg SolaRay Works with vitamin E, promotes healthy growth and fertility, and improves the function of energy producing cells. Provides support for the immune system.
1 Methyl B12/Folate Jarrow Chewable – Supports Brain Health
1 Monolaurin 500mg SolaRay Immunity – Bacterial and viral infections
1 Vitamin D3 5000IU SR D3 with K2
1 Quercetin 500mg NOW For allergies -Supports histamine levels (food, airborn…)
2 Nature’s Way Ginger Root 550mg Nature’s Way
2 EstroProtect Dr Amy Myers Balances Estrogen
2 Passion Flower 700mg Solaray Anxiety, ADHD, Lowers Blood Pressure, Menopause, Inflammation
1 CarotenAll Jarrow Eye/Vision & Cardiovascular
Fiber Psyllium OrganicIndia As needed