Healing, Self-Help

Fighting the Demons

I’m going through mercury detox and I was doing well for about 2 weeks. My memory, mind and mood have been significantly better. The “old me” crept back in last night (partly hormonal but I HATE using that as an excuse). I was called out for something and took it personally. The “old me” feelings came up and I allowed them to consume me. I didn’t want to be helped or be a burden to my SO. It would have been quicker if I had just given in and released without guilt. And then I¬†felt more guilty for interrupting his alone time. Felt like it was a never ending spiral…

As we make changes, the “old us” (or as my SO likes to say – the demon), is there pulling at us and not liking the new us and new behaviors and thoughts.They want to hold on tight and not let go and mix us up. It’s up to us to hold tight, release those demons and allow ourselves to be new. Only good can come and too bad to the “old us” for not liking it one bit!