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Mercury Removal and Detox

In my thyroid healing research, it was suggested that mercury amalgam’s be removed. I had one filling removed in 2016 by my regular dentist. They drilled it out and sent me on my way. I started feeling sicker for a while after this procedure. My brain fog was much worse and my memory was terrible. I later found out that there is a safe way to remove mercury and that my dentist did not follow any of those protocols.

Mercury vapor emitted from amalgams passes readily through your cell membranes, across your blood-brain barrier, and into your central nervous system where it causes immunological, neurological, and psychological problems. At the same time, mercury is leaching into your saliva and being swallowed, making its way down your digestive tract where it causes inflammation and damages your immune system — because the frontline of your immune system is in your gut. This blocks one of your body’s major detoxification pathways: passage out of your GI tract. – Dr. Mercola

Here’s an interesting video showing how much vapor is escaping from fillings:

On March 22, 2018, I had the remaining mercury fillings removed from my mouth. I ended up with three replaced fillings and one crown (due to a crack in this tooth). The mercury was removed safely following the the IAOMT Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

  • Cut Filling material in Large Pieces –  Removal of fillings should be done in larger chunks, so as to minimize the harmful effects of mercury.
  • Cold Water while drilling – drilling can cause an increased release of mercury gas. Keeping the area cool reduces the generation of mercury gas.
  • High Efficiency Suctioning – The suction tube is much larger than the standard suctioning tube. This helps capture more of the mercury vapor and particles.
  • Rubber Dam – isolates the tooth or teeth being worked on and assists in keeping mercury particles from being swallowed.
  • Skin protection – splatter can also accumulate onto the face or the eyes. Protective glasses and a surgical drapecan prevent any harm to these vital organs.
  • Provided Clean Air – to prevent the patient from breathing the air full of amalgam splatter and mercury gas.
  • Elephant Trunk Suction – an additional 4″ suction tube that pulls any other vapors from the air.
  • Respiration Masks – the dentist and assistant wear respiration masks to protect themselves during the removal process.


Mercury Detox Protocol

Part of the safe mercury amalgam removal is properly detoxifying the body. 2 weeks before the removal, I started a protocol of detox vitamins/supplements. I plan to continue them for the next month.

  • QuickSiver Scientific Liposomal glutathione –  It takes two molecules of glutathione to escort one atom of mercury out of the body. L-Glutathione also helps fight gum disease by supporting the immune system and helping to fight infections, neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.

  •  QuickSilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C – Powerful detoxing agent.

  • Chlorella – Binding detox agent helps remove from toxins from the liver.

  • QuickSilver Scientific Ultra Binder (Charcoal/Bentonite Clay) – Binds the mercury and helps remove it from the digestive tract.


I am now two weeks post-removal and my memories are coming back. My brain fog feels like it has been lifted and I am feeling better both physically and mentally.

Dr. Tom McGuire’s Mercury-Safe Dentist Directory is a great resource for finding a safe mercury amalgam removal dentist, as well as more information on mercury, removal and detoxification. If you are thinking about having the mercury removed, I highly recommend it for your long-term mental and physical health.