Energy Brain Vitamins

Count Name Dose Brand NOTES:
1 DHEA 25mg Country Life
2 AlphaBrain ONNIT Brain and Focus Booster – no Caffeine in it
1-2 Guarana (Caffeine) 200mg SolaRay Natural Caffeine
1 Theanine 100mg Jarrow Balances out caffeine – no jitters
2 NeuroMag LifeExtension Optimizes Magnesium in brain
2 Alpha GPC 300mg Jarrow Brain Function
1 Gotu Kola 475mg Nature’s Way Like Ginseng
1 Fo-Ti 610mg SolaRay Longevity, fertility, immunity, antioxidant
1 Cognitex Life Extension Brain Cell Health
1 B6 250mg NOW Metabolize fat, carbs and protein
1 Vinpocetine 10mg Source Naturals Improve cognitive performance
1 St. Johns Wort 350mg Nature’s Way Mood
1 Ginger Root 550mg Nature’s Way
1 Hup-A (Huperzine) 50mcg SolaRay Memory & Cognitive function
1 12 Hr Sudafed 120mg
Energy PLUS – Late Morning
1 Pamagranite Complete Life Extension
1 Ginger Root 550mg Nature’s Way
1 QH PQQ CoQ10 Jarrow Cognitive function
1 Saw Palmetto 585mg Nature’s Way Urinary health & Hair
1 Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000mg GNC Prostate, menopause, Cholesterol, hair, urinary
1 Yeast-Cleanse SolaRay Optional
1 DHEA 25mg Country Life Optional