Fire Bringer – David Clement-Davies

This book is recommended for children ages 10 and older. It is a great read for adults as well.

The story follows a herd of deer through their adventures of fleeing and fighting for freedom. Rannoch, a special buck, was born on the night his father was killed by the head of the herd. He was to fulfill a prophecy one day and he struggled with finding the truth about himself. He was switched at birth to another mother to protect his identity. He had a mark on his head that she kept hidden to ensure his safety.

Rannoch travels across the country-side to find answers to who he is and to try and free all of the deer from the leaders who are holding them captive. He learns to talk to the other animals to gather information and help.

The story is engaging and emotional and it’s hard to put the book down. It also teaches you about herd behaviors and mating. I highly recommend this book for children and adults.