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Bulletproof Tea

After watching commercials on Bulletproof coffee and Tim Ferris’s version with tea, we decided to give it a try and experiment with different ingredients. I wasn’t sure what adding butter to tea would taste like, I was pleasantly surprised. TEA: 3/4 cup – Hot Water 1 tsp – Ghee Butter with Himalayan salt or Grass… Read More Bulletproof Tea


Surviving Narcissism

I can not say that I spotted the signs of narcissism in my spouse right away. In fact, it took well over 12 years to gain the strength and courage to get out. Most narcissists work their victims over slowly and chip away at their self-esteem. ┬áThe good news is, you can heal, move on… Read More Surviving Narcissism



I had my first avocado at 40. I was missing an amazing brain food! Now, when I need a quick hit of energy, I cut open an avocado and the magic begins. I like mine with fresh lemon and Himalayan salt. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, which is considered healthy fat. They also contain… Read More Avocado