Protein Shakes

These shakes are good for keeping inflammation down. They contain only items on the “Foods you can eat”” list for Autoimmune and Thyroid conditions.   1TSP Performance Mushrooms Lairds Organic Mushrooms 1TSP MACA Root Garden of Life Energy and Probiotics 2 Scoops Collagen Peptides Vital Proteins Cheapest at Costco 1 Scoop Paleo Protein Dr Amy… Read More Protein Shakes


Energy Brain Vitamins

Count Name Dose Brand NOTES: 1 DHEA 25mg Country Life 2 AlphaBrain ONNIT Brain and Focus Booster – no Caffeine in it 1-2 Guarana (Caffeine) 200mg SolaRay Natural Caffeine 1 Theanine 100mg Jarrow Balances out caffeine – no jitters 2 NeuroMag LifeExtension Optimizes Magnesium in brain 2 Alpha GPC 300mg Jarrow Brain Function 1 Gotu… Read More Energy Brain Vitamins


Night Vitamins

Count Name Dose Brand NOTES: 1 Ginger Root 550mg Nature’s Way 1 or Magnesium Capsules 500mg Life Extensions For anxiety and regulating digestion 1 TSP CALM Magnesium Natural Vitality For anxiety and regulating digestion   1 Hydraplenish Nature’s Way For skin 2 Pau D’Arco 545mg Nature’s Way Immunity can make you sleepy too 1 Capryl… Read More Night Vitamins


Afternoon Vitamins

Count Name Dose Brand NOTES: 1 Quercetin 500mg SolaRay Allergies 1 Bio ActiveComplete B Complex LifeExtension Almost always low in B vitamins. Helps with energy. 2 Nature’s Way Ginger Root 550mg Nature’s Way 1 Super Bio-C 1000mg SolaRay Immunity – works with C – I use it to help with anxiety 1 OptiZinc 30mg SolaRay… Read More Afternoon Vitamins


Morning Vitamins

Capsules Name Dose Brand NOTES: 1 DHEA 25mg Life Extension Hormone- needed for all functions, immunity, heart, mood, weight, muscle, libito 1 GTF Chromium 200mcg Solaray Regulates blood sugar levels, Metabolism 1 Gamma E Life Extension Works with Selenium for Thyroid 1 Selenium 200mcg SolaRay Works with vitamin E, promotes healthy growth and fertility, and… Read More Morning Vitamins

Books, Fiction

Obscure Felicity

Charlotte Woodland is a very visual writer and with only a few words she is able to elicit detailed images of places, characters, art, and music. Her characters in Obscure Felicity are very relatable and gradually introduced throughout the book. When a chapter ended with, “We need to talk,” there was no way I could put the… Read More Obscure Felicity

Food, Healing

Low Thyroid Diet

Foods to Eat:   CATEGORY FOODS TO EAT NOTES VEGETABLES Alfalfa Artichokes Avocado Beets Bell Peppers Carrots Celery Cucumber Leeks Mushrooms Okra Peppers Potatoes Sea Vegetables Squash Pumpkin Tomatoes Zucchini Avocado and potatoes are great source of tyrosine – hypothyroidism has been linked to low levels of this amino acid. Artichokes double up as a… Read More Low Thyroid Diet